Sunday, August 4, 2013

PiiXIE Dust Magazine: Issue 2

Guess what??? We posted issue 2 of our magazine on!!! This issue has way more then last issue, and a few special surprises. To go to this issue, please go to this link------------------->

For those of you who are new on here, you can go to issue 1 of our magazine here--------------------->

Remember we need your shout outs, comments, greetings, embarrassing stories, troubling teen problems, questions for ask pixie, even your ideas for the special exclusive sneakpeak on a book we should do. To fill out the form for that, please visit this link------------------------------------------------>

Another thing is that we need you to answer those polls!!! We will be posting this months polls soon, so go to our section polls to find a new poll each month. :)

Also we are looking to hire a few more people, if interested here is the link to our form for hire------>

Now heres a little update on our magazine, we now have a Facebook and Twitter account!!! To go to those here's the links.

Now here is our second update we have a total of 74 fans on wattpad, here is our stats for issue 1 of our magazine 2.303 reads, 119 votes, and 48 comments. On issue 2 we have 1,112 reads, 90 votes, and 38 comments. So all together that is 3,415 reads, 209 votes, 138 comments!!!

We will be updating the poll soon, and check back soon for more upcoming updates. Have a magazinetastic day!!! :)